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6 Ways Floral Design Will Make You Happier in Your Home

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Flowers are big, bold and way outside of the neutral comfort zone that so many of us find ourselves in when choosing home decor. But whether you’re a current flower lover, or a little flower shy, here are some reasons why you’ll be (without a doubt) happier with a little more floral in your life.

A pale pink rose print can feel whimsical and romantic, while a vibrant tropical pattern offers a dramatic and energizing boost. A bold and contemporary print can capture a fun and playful vibe, while a giant floral mural can be oh so romantic. It’s all about finding the right floral for you.

When choosing how to incorporate floral patterns into your design, you’ll want to pick a size, color scheme and flower that suits the feeling you want to capture in your space. For relaxing rooms, try a medium-size floral in fresh and light tones. For spaces to energize and inspire, have a look at some large-scale floral inspiration in more bold and vibrant hues.

{ Read the full article on HOUZZ by clicking here }

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