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6 Ways to Personalize Your Home Design

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Taking a personalized approach to your home decor lets you have even more fun with your design, and save a whole bunch of your hard-earned dollars along the way.

When designing your home, one of the most challenging parts can be making it not only look beautiful but also feel like you. If you’d like to have a home that’s reflective of who you are and not of just what’s on-trend, consider these six ideas that won’t put a strain on your purse strings.

1. Start With a Self Q&A In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we rarely (if ever) take time to consider what truly makes us tick. Most of us just aren’t connected to what inspires us, what lights us up, or what makes us feel peaceful and happy in our day to day.

When designing a personalized space, begin by asking yourself a few simple questions.

  • What do I value most in life?

  • What makes me feel joyful, playful and inspired?

  • What things, places or activities make me feel most relaxed and at ease?

{ Read the full article on HOUZZ by clicking here }

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