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5 Things to Know Before Adding Wallpaper to Your Room

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As a designer, I can’t get enough of wallpaper, but I often see clients who are nervous about adding this wallcovering to their homes. Yet wallpaper isn’t nearly as high-maintenance as we’ve all been led to believe, and it is possible to have a long and happy life with it.

If you’re thinking about incorporating wallpaper into your home design, here are some expert tips to help set your mind at ease — and make sure you do the job right, from start to finish.

1. Good-Quality Adhesives Are a Must Contrary to popular belief, wallpaper is not forever. In the past, wallpaper adhesives were made of wheat paste, which didn’t dissolve easily and made getting the paper off the wall very difficult. Today, both the sticking and the stripping process is made easier with the use of cellulose-based adhesives, which are activated by water.

{ Click Here to Read the Full Article on HOUZZ }

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