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5 Nature-Inspired Wallpaper Styles for a Blissful Bathroom

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When you think of your home’s bathroom, blissful might not be the first word that comes to mind. The truth is, when many of us think about our bathrooms, we probably conjure up images of scrubbing the tub, emptying the rubbish bin or rushing around in the morning before we hurry off to work. But a bathroom can be as beautiful and relaxing as it is functional, and wallpaper can play a big role.

As a designer, I strive to make my clients’ spaces not only more beautiful, but also more enjoyable for those who spend time in them. This is why I love using wallpapers as inspiration when creating a peaceful and happy place, and there’s no better inspiration than nature when you’re looking to feel great in your home.

Spending time in nature makes us feel peaceful, relaxed and happy, which is why nature-inspired prints are my go-to for wallpaper. If you want to make your functional bathroom a more fun and enjoyable place, consider incorporating one of these nature-inspired wallpaper styles into its design.

1. Let the birds fly

If you want to add some colour and visual interest (without making a massive statement), a bird wallpaper pattern might be ideal. Whether in design or in real life, there’s something whimsical and freeing about birds. The airiness of a bird print can give your bathroom a design feature as well as a happy feel...

{ Click here to read the entire article on HOUZZ }

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