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5 Daring Sofa Colors to Make Your Living Room Come to Life

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Bold color might not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to interior design. Yet for those of us who are drawn to color, choosing a vibrant-hued sofa might be just what we need to create a beautiful and enjoyable living space.

When it comes to infusing color into your design, the sofa is a great place to start. This single piece of furniture can instantly transform the look and feel of a room.

If you’re thinking a bold sofa is too big a step, check out some of these images and tips before you rule it out. Maybe you’ll find a colorful look that’s right for you. Here are five colors to consider, and a few tips and tricks on how to use them in your space.

1. Blue If you’re just starting to develop a tolerance for color in home design, a blue couch might be the perfect entry point. Blue is a color most people feel comfortable with, as it’s generally thought of as more traditional and calming.

Deep, rich and vibrant blues are one of my go-tos for adding color through furniture. There are so many lush and beautiful blues to choose from for a sofa. The richer the tone, the bigger the impact, so I often encourage my clients to go bold. Blue is also highly versatile when it comes to color pairing. That means that, depending on the shade, it goes well with neutral shades and natural materials and looks incredible when complemented by almost any other vibrant tone.

{ Click here to read the full article on HOUZZ }

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