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7 Not-So-Traditional Palettes That Still Feel Like Christmas

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I just love the holidays, but truth be told, I’ve never felt that inspired by the traditional holiday colors, red and green. Instead, I prefer to play around with other color schemes when decorating my home for the holiday season.

In my professional work as a designer, I also find that my clients want to mix it up and break from tradition. By using other colors, we’re able to bring energy, life and joy into the home, and aren’t those exactly the types of feelings we are trying to evoke during the holidays anyway? If you have some last-minute decorating to do before Christmas, take a peek at these seven color options that aren’t red and green but that still capture the magic and beauty of the season.

1. Blue and green.

Because blue and green are regularly used together in everyday looks, they can be the perfect place to start when branching out (pun intended) from the traditional red and green used for Christmas.

Blue is likely not the first color you think of when it comes to Christmas cheer. But it is a color many of us are comfortable with. Then you have green, which is often used for traditional holiday decor, particularly because of the focus on trees, garlands and other natural elements. The two colors feel comfortable together, but the pairing still breaks from tradition.

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