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4 Lessons I Learned About Color in 2017

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I can honestly say I’ve never felt more inspired by color thanks to a 2017 full of creative client projects, wallpaper design and lots of time in nature.

I’ve always been a lover of big and bold color. But color can sometimes have a bit of a bad reputation. People often think that creating a colorful home means it needs to look like a technicolor dream, but the truth is, color can be bold or muted, neon or pale, rich or neutral, and anything in between.

Whether you fancy yourself a color lover or not, I hope these four lessons that I learned in 2017 will help you see color with fresh eyes and inspire you at home in 2018.

1. There are no rules when it comes to color pairing.

One of the biggest insights I gleaned from 2017 is that literally all colors can “go together” in the right context. To some, this idea might be counterintuitive or downright outrageous, but hear me out. I spent a lot of time in nature in 2017, and I’ve been deeply inspired by the way bright, hot and bold colors blend beautifully with more muted, pale and earthy tones.

{ Click here to read the article on Houzz }

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